Monday, October 11, 2010

Life and Death

A four-year-old's concept of life and death is something to admire; so naive in the most innocent and sincere way.

M has had many things to say about life and death over the past weeks and months.

The two things I found most indearing, and wanted to pass on:

Life:  M thinks that before you are born, you are up with God, floating in the cosmos awaiting creation.  Such a philosophical and theological concept - buddhist perhaps?  So, for example, when Mama and Daddy got married, she was up with God waiting to be born.

Death: M sees death in an egocentric way . To M, the only people in heaven are those who have died since she has been around or that she has known.  So, Jesus, my mom, great grandpa, and a few others are the only people in heaven right now.


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  1. I actually thought the first concept was a real, live Catholic concept. Here's the best link I can find:

    But, I remember as a child, someone explaining to me why Catholics had large families as being because they believed there were a certain number of souls in heaven, and until the final human soul was born (then leading to the birth of a child with no soul- the anti-Christ), Jesus wouldn't return, and so they had larger families to hasten Christ's return. I don't know who told me this, nor have I thought much about the validity of the pre-existence of souls, but it's an interesting concept- to hasten Christ's return by having more babies. Maybe the Quiverfull peeps have a line on that.