Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Tale of the Wishbone

This little gem will live on in family history for many years.  It will be retold at every Thanksgiving dinner, it will put a smile on many parents' faces, and it will surely make M's cheecks flush when we tell it when she is a teenager.

We cooked a turnkey last weekend in an effort to clear some space in our deep freezer.  Daddy carved the turkey, and we invited several family members over to help us devour the delicious autumn harvest meal.  As Daddy finished carving, he handed over the wishbone in M's direction.  Grandpa spent some time explaining the purpose and process of the wishbone, how to make a wish, and how the winner is determined.  Then it was time for the real thing:

Grandpa: "Ok, first you have to make a wish"
M: "I want another baby."
Grandpa: "Shh.  Your wish is a secret, you just say it in your head!"

At some point, M must have distracted Grandpa with her charm and got hold of the entire wishbone.  She immediately broke the wishbone in half, examined both ends, and handed Grandpa the lesser half:

M: "I win!"

And boy was she proud of that!


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  1. Hahaha, too cute :D I would totally repeat that one, too!