Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Not (Dish)wash(er Safe)

We are a Lego family.  For Christmas, I was able to get 4 pounds of Legos at the IDEA Store, which was the beginning of our stock.  Add to that some special sets from family, friends, and Santa, and amazing vintage hand-me-downs (tug boat and helicopter!) from our good friend C, and we have a good starter collection.

I was excited to hear McD's was going to do a Lego Movie happy meal toy.  Unfortunately, it was not really something to get excited about - it was a themed cup.  Which was not even dishwasher safe.  Oy.

My usual opinion about dishware is that if it says not dishwasher safe, that I'm willing to take my chances, and if it does not come out usable from the top rack, it wasn't worth my energy or attention anyway.  But the children were really drawn to these Lego cups, so I committed to at least temporarily hand-washing them so that we could use them a few times before I put them to the dishwasher test.

I explained to the kids that the cups couldnt go in the dishwasher. 

C took this very literally.  It took us a few days to realize (and a couple times of M pulling a cup out of the drawer and exclaiming "this is dirty!"), that instead of putting the cup in the sink or on the counter to get hand washed, he was putting it back in the kids cup drawer and reusing it! Wouldn't have been too bothersome if it had just been water in the cup, but once it was chocolate milk!  Eww! 

Lesson learned from the 5 year old:
"cup can't go in the dishwasher" = "cup does not need to be washed"



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