Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Never Too Old

The children have a routine of snuggling up in our bed to fall asleep at night.  Then, whenever Daddy is ready for some space in the bed, he relocates them to their own rooms.  An interesting conversation ensued yesterday evening.

Daddy: "I'm getting tired of carrying you down the stairs, Babe. You're getting too big."
M: "Well, I'm not tired of you carrying me down the stairs!"

A quick Google search will reveal several interesting insights, none of which this post is about:

 M's lesson this evening is about perspective.

As the Carrier, you bear an ever growing weight.  The load gets a bit heavier, a bit taller, a bit stronger each day. And let's face it - your back's not getting any younger.  The responsibility of raising a child is ever more challenging as she continues to mature.

But as the Carried - you're never too heavy, too big, too tall, or too strong. Never too old. You're never too old for your Daddy to carry you down the stairs one more night.  For him to hold you in his arms, carefully maneuvering you down the stairway, so as not to bonk you on the door frame or the railing.  To hold you tight against his chest, protecting you, laying you gently on your pillow and tucking the blankets snug around you.

How does one respond to such an honest, innocent, and wise disclosure?
Daddy's response: "I guess I gotta keep carrying you then!" Amen!


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